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"On a Delicate Moon"

  The new video for "Sizing Me Up" directed by the amazing Travis Hansen,           "These Days They Move Apocalyptically" at almost

   is complete and up on YouTube. Please check it out!                                                                                          100,000 views!      Thank you!

​                     "Sizing Me Up" is charting at #1 on













"Stumble" sitting in the top 10 at Radio Indie Alliance with Nick & Bootsy. (Click)

New video up for "Stumble" Click.

New Shipments of "Moon", "Winter Driving" and "Girl From the Mystic" are in and orders will be sent by the end of the week. Thank you so much!

Jenna from Canadian Beats gives a very kind review of the album "Moon."(Click)


​Thank you to all the radio stations playing my music including Dave Davis (Independent Share), Daniel Haight  at (indie103-iRadioLA)The Basement Tapes (with Nick and Bootsy) IndieBrew.netField of Nightmares RadioFilmfervor.comIndiscriminate IndieCatorweb Radio, Control Radio U.K., Unsigned Radio Rocks, The Jimmy Star Show and Canadian Music Rocks.

So thrilled to be added to the LadyLake Music roster (Thank you Cindy D'Adamo and Jen Andujar,) and to be included amongst such talented songwriters and musicians.
Proud to announce "Winter Driving" being named Ladylake Music's Artist/Album of the year!  The new record "Winter Driving" has become my most successful record to date. Thank you everyone for your incredible support!

Wrote, recorded, produced and first time directed the video for my song "Bullies" (Probably my favourite song) brilliantly filmed by the talented Travis Hansen and narrated by the legend Patrick Willis.

I was fortunate enough to complete an original score for Greg Melanson's "The Other Side of Charlie." Greg directed the video for "On a Delicate Moon."

​I recorded a new album "Winter Driving" with famed Vancouver producer Allan Rodger. It features Steven Drake, Guitar (The Odds), Pat Steward, Drums (Bryan Adams), Jay Riehl, Backing Vocals (Merle Haggard, Steven Page) and Allan Rodger on Bass at the legendary Greenhouse Studios.

The album "Moon" was selected as a Top 10 album by LadyLake Entertainment. Recorded at Barrell House Sound, Produced by Bob Rylett, Jeff Seaman and Scotty Woolard, Mixed by Bob Pompei and Featuring Steven Drake, Adam Drake, Kevin Lucks, Elise Bouer, Willie MacCalder, Madelyn & Savannah Reid.



"Sizing Me Up"


 Please click to watch the video

 Please click to watch the video