"The Universe Loves Courage. It Rewards It."

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Bob appears in Cella magazine. Click through to page 15. Link

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Bob Rylett

“Bob Rylett landed at my door carrying a guitar and a small tornado of songs. He’d been hounding the

big dream from town to town, working bars and small cafes, playing whatever people want to hear. Regular

juke-box with a smile. Picking up gigs any stop in between for fifty bucks and a burger. Sleeping in the car.

Pushing on down the road. Coast to coast and back again. BC mountains to the Florida Keys. All those white

lines and a life of reading signs. Every day he writes a new song. Disciplined, determined, and prolific. Has a

whole overflowing head-full of original material that bites. Watched him do his job on an unsuspecting crowd at

a joint on Main Street where he took everyone prisoner. Though it’s always tough to reach out and hold an

audience with stuff they haven’t already heard before, this is what he does for a living. They never really stood a

chance. ”

Links for press (click quote)
A Channel News "Rylett is a passionate guy and his songs tell great stories"
The Georgia Straight "Bob Rylett is a walking jukebox"
Atlanta G.A. Creative Loafer "...a genius of timing..."
CBC 3 "Bob Rylett must be the hardest working songwriter on the planet"

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