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  Weight of Words Unwritten

 A remastered gallimaufry, a blended medley, a farrago, an assorted melange, a potpourri of assemblage, a ragbag, mishmash of hodgepodge, a selected collection, a group of the miscellaneous, a salmagundi, a mixed dish of chopped meat and fish with eggs, onions and various seasonings.

Art work created by Yvette Bird @ Hummbuzzimagery. Featuring artists Bob Pompei, Steven Drake, Adam Drake, Scotty Woolard, Kevin Lucks, Pat Steward, Elise Boeur, David Gallagher, Allan Rodger, Joel Gehman, Geoff Squire, Jay Riehl, Carrie Devine, Steve Vachon, Willie MacCalder, Rick Salt, Colin Lazzerini and Andy Magoffin. Recorded across Canada from Vancouver and Victoria, B. C. to London and Kitchener/Waterloo, Ont.  

Thank you to all those that supported, lent a hand and gave kindness through word or deed.

​Your generosity will never be forgotten. Love, bob.

Over 1 million streams, 1000 downloads and 500+ Hard copy sales this year. Thank you so much Indie music Supporters!

Jenna from Canadian Beats gives a very kind review of the album "Moon."(Click)

 TV Broadcast!! Great people from CMCM.TV have been broadcasting selected videos of mine. Support this important California station! 

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Acclaimed Vancouver Film maker Travis Hansen directed and filmed a video for my song "Sizing Me Up."

​I recorded a new album "Winter Driving" with famed Vancouver producer Allan Rodger. It features Steven Drake, Guitar (The Odds), Pat Steward, Drums (Bryan Adams), Jay Riehl, Backing Vocals (Merle Haggard, Steven Page) and Allan Rodger on Bass at the legendary Greenhouse Studios.

The album "Moon"was completed. Recorded at Barrell House Sound, Produced by Bob Rylett, Jeff Seaman and Scotty Woolard, Mixed by Bob Pompei and Featuring Steven Drake, Adam Drake, Kevin Lucks, Elise Bouer, Willie MacCalder, Madelyn & Savannah Reid.